6 Ways to Make Your Garden Look Like a Million Bucks Before Selling Your Property


Came across this fascinating article from Domain Australia. It’s called Six Easy and Affordable Ways to Improve Your Garden Before Sale. We thought we would share it here as gardens can offer some added value to your property.

It offers some useful insights. Here’s one of them:

If time is more pressing, you can unroll turf onto a properly prepared lawn base for instant impact.

Ensure you choose the right type of grass for your lawn’s position, and your climate zone. Among the choices is the durable Kikuyu, which is suitable for poor soil areas drenched in sunlight but be warned, it can be invasive as it sends out runners and spreads quickly. Couch is soft and fine and has vigorous underground runners, while Buffalo has wide blades and is robust and easy to maintain.

For more tips on making your garden look like a million bucks, check out the rest of this thought-provoking article…

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