Basics of Renting Out Your Vacation Home


Here’s a compelling article from the Northwestern Mutual. It’s called 6 Mistakes People Make When Renting Out a Vacation House.

In it, Cathie Ericson shares with us some interesting observations. Here’s one that’s particularly thought-provoking:

Neighbors can be quick to report nuisance conditions to city agencies and elected officials, and that can spell trouble for your rental. Neighbors with a long history in the community may be less likely to tolerate a revolving door of tourists, as they find it detracts from their neighborhood and quality of life. The best way around that is to talk to them before you buy to assess their comfort level, and then maintain an open dialogue and enforce strict rules for your renters.  

Have a look at the complete article for more of Cathie’s opinions.

Read the source article at Northwestern Mutual