Landscapers To Watch


Landscaping your front and backyard can add thousands to the value of your property so it should be on your ‘to do’ list rather than an afterthought. Like all fields of design, landscaping and gardening styles are always changing with different ideas, products, and techniques being influenced by lifestyle culture.

Here we take a look at eight of Australia’s most on point landscapers whose ideas and influence are making an impact on the industry:

1. Ian Barker Gardens – Landscape Design & Construction

Award winning landscape designer Ian Barker is not afraid to shake things up with his unique approach to gardening design. With over 25 years experience under his belt, Ian’s expertise is helping people to design a garden that is specifically tailored to their individual needs. With an emphasis on innovative, yet functional design that caters for the individual, Ian Barber has well established himself as one of Victoria’s leading landscape designers.

2. Phillip Johnson Landscapes

Phillip Johnson has been designing gardens for almost 20 years and he is a man on a mission to reconnect people with nature and the ecosystem. He loves embracing the beauty of Australian natives in his garden design and is dedicated to designing gardens that make the very best use of their natural water supply. His design style is all about embracing natural beauty, utilising what is readily available and what flourishes in the Australian climate. He is a landscape designer that sees both the smaller and bigger picture.

3. Anthony Wyer – Wyer & Co

Anthony Wyer and his team at Wyer & Co are all dedicated to creating outdoor spaces that embrace the character of the land, compliment the form and architecture of the building and represent the inhabitants of the space. Their signature use of clean, simple layouts are trademark features throughout their design and are leading the way in designing sleek, functional, cleverly executed outdoor living spaces.

4. Kate Seddon Landscape

Melbourne-based landscape designer Kate Seddon is a big believer that a garden should be used and enjoyed and this idea resonates throughout her design projects. With a great love and appreciation of plants, Kate strives to incorporate a range of foliage into her garden designs and places a great emphasis on planting design. She also believes in fluid conversations between architects and builders to ensure that the garden is a key element in the design process.

5. William Dangar – Dangar Barn Smith

William Dangar is one of Australia’s most pre-eminent landscapers and with a career spanning over 25 years, he has designed and built some of the country’s most iconic residential landscapes. With a background in horticulture, William Dangar is renowned for his no nonsense manner, refined design and detailed aesthetics. He is known for his focus on robust construction, quality materials and elegant design, which can transform any outdoor space.

6. Mathew Cantwell – Secret Garden

Mathew Cantwell is the man behind Sydney-based landscaping company, Secret Garden. This incredibly talented team of over 60 people is made up of a collection of landscape architects, designers, structural landscaping experts, carpenters, stonemasons and horticulturists dedicated to creating unique and usable spaces that allow entertaining and living to transcend the four walls of a property. Cantwell believes that garden design is an integral part of any house design process and should be given the same focus and attention as other areas of home design.

7. Raoul Van De Laak – Good Manors

With almost 40 years of experience in the industry and as a founding director of Good Manors, Raoul Van De Laak was a pioneer in the world of landscape design in Australia. He identified very early on in his career an opportunity to change the typical Australian backyard into an entertainment space that could function as an extension of the home’s living space and take advantage of the Sydney weather. There are very few people who know more about pools and pool design than this man. Despite changing trends Raoul Van De Laak maintains a clear vision and focus on creating contextual, relevant outdoor living spaces, pools and gardens focused around the direct needs of the client.

8. Paul Bangay

Known for his precise angles, perfect symmetry, strong lines and rich detail, Bangay is known for his ability to create gardens that express timeless elegance and classic simplicity. He has also become well known and respected for his ability to utilise small spaces and to make the most out of even the tiniest rooftops, balconies and terraces.