Finance expert, International best-selling radio broadcaster, newspaper columnist and public speaker, Noel Whittaker has helped thousands of Australians manage their personal finances for more than 25 years. His clever and witty insights into both global and local economies has lead him to write 20 best-selling books which have changed tens of thousands of lives with his strategies for success. Noel’s easy-to-understand and highly effective approach teaches you how to take action and get your money working for you.

Today, we are living longer, government budgets are stretched, and financial markets are increasingly challenging. With all of this in mind, it’s more important than ever to work toward financial independence and ownership of your future. Noel has put together an easy to follow book to help you achieve just this. Making Money Made Simple will guide you through some simple disciplines which can unburden you from a lifetime of financial stress, freeing you up to enjoy all that life has to offer.

First published in 1987, the book is now in its 24th edition, and the focus still rings true today. With more than two million copies already in circulation, Making Money Made Simple is the quintessential finance guide for those who don’t want to worry about money for another second.

“The only thing that is the same about the new book is the name. It has had a full renovation,” Noels says.

“A LOT has changed in 32 years. Although it has had plenty of updates over the years, it was time to give it a full revamp.”

If you are serious about learning how to become financially independent, retire early or develop passive income from an investment portfolio, Making Money Made Simple is an easy read with the investment concepts broken down into simple, practical steps.

Noel says his book explores key concepts, such as, the difference between risk and volatility, asset allocation and general budgeting. There’s an introductory guide to share markets, buying your own home, credit ratings and borrowing and also niche investments such as gold, options, managed funds, futures and superannuation.

He says that the worst enemy of any investor is ignorance. Getting educated is so important if you are serious about changing your investing game and this begins with who you surround yourself with.