Shark Tank Entrepreneurs Share Their Wisdom


At the end of the day, property investing is a business. So, here’s a write-up on business tips from Australia’s top entrepreneurs. It’s called 5 Investment Tips from the TV Show Shark Tank by Harry Kalligeros.

This 2015 has a lot of interesting tips. Here’s one lesson that’s directly lifted from an experience that Naomi Simson had:

If you’re looking to make an investment, whether in land, property or another business, then one of the smartest decisions you could make is to keep the finance side of things strictly, well, business. Mixing business with pleasure might be a good idea sometimes, but mixing business with family or friends? Not so much.

Avoid going to friends and family for funds; investments are risky even at the best of times, let alone in our economy’s current unpredictable state, and no matter how tempted you are, remember that your relationships are not worth putting on the line for this.

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