The Property Mythbusters Show is Live : – )


With so much misleading information flooding through the media, three property experts have banded together to deliver the truth about the property market.

Ken Hew – Founder at Avvora Finance, John Gilmovich – Founder of Real Property Manager, and Debra Beck-Mewing – Founder of Crave Property Advisory have recently launched the Property Mythbusters Show aimed at helping property owners and buyers make good decisions.

Ken, John and Debra have an extensive range of knowledge about the property market and how it really operates, and all three have stellar reputations for providing unbiased, practical and insightful advice.

Good decisions

“All three of us are keen to help people make the best possible choices for their future.  For most individuals, a property will be their most expensive purchase and often people will make decisions based on either a whim or false information,” said Ken Hew.

Originally designed with property investors in mind, many home buyers looking to make the most of their purchases are enjoying the benefits of ‘buyer insider’ knowledge included in the show.

“Whether it’s your home or an investment, if you base your property decisions on quality information you can really set yourself up well financially.  Unfortunately, there’s an abundance of misleading information out there and it’s easy for the unsuspecting public to be duped into making the wrong choices,” said John Gilmovich.

Full range of topics

Each episode of Property Mythbusters focuses on a specific aspect of property including best financing methods, what and where to buy, and optimum practices for managing and optimising your property.

“There’s a huge range of topics for us to cover and we’re really enjoying the opportunity of providing real insights that will make the difference between success and failure for property buyers and owners,” said Debra Beck-Mewing.

“All three of us have seen what can happen when people skip even just small steps in the buying process, or make a decision to sell when it’s not really necessary and by providing a few extra tips we can help people stay on the best path for them.

“We also cover best practice for making the most of your property, drawing upon John’s extensive property management experience, Ken’s finance skills and my experience in ‘re-purposing’ property,” Ms Beck-Mewing said.

The show can be found here . . . and soon on itunes.