Things to Remind Yourself as a Property Investor


This article from Smart Company piqued our curiosity. The author calls it Twelve Important Lessons All Property Investors Should Remember in 2019.

It offers up some nuggets of wisdom. Here’s a list of everything it talks about:

  1. Don’t let emotions drive your investment decisions
  2. Take a long-term perspective
  3. Property investment is a game of finance rather than real estate
  4. There is not one property market
  5. Not all properties are “investment-grade”
  6. Follow a system
  7. ‘Get rich quick’ equals ‘get poor quick’
  8. Beware of doomsayers predictions
  9. Treat property investment like a business
  10. There will always be a reason not to invest
  11. You know less than you think you know
  12. Don’t mistake money for wealth

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